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Breakthrough Non-Invasive VeriCor® Monitor Could Control Heart Failure

New Noninvasive Monitor Enhances Efficacy of Heart Failure Treatment.

The FDA-cleared VeriCor® monitor is a non-invasive hemodynamic monitor that can accurately measure LVEDP (left ventricular end-diastolic pressure). LVEDP is the pressure of blood entering the heart from the lungs. It is the primary determinant of the presence and severity of heart failure (HF) and the best indicator of the efficacy of HF treatment. When LVEDP levels are abnormally elevated, the risks of hospitalization and death are high. Treatment guided by the VeriCor® monitor can reduce LVEDPs to levels at which the risks of hospitalization and death are minimal.

Accuracy of VeriCor® Monitor for LVEDP Superior to Catheters Used in Hospital ICUs.

Now that the VeriCor® has proven to be more accurate for LVEDP than catheters used to guide HF treatment in hospital ICUs, it can be used to reduce abnormally elevated LVEDPs and minimize HF deaths, hospitalizations and care-costs in the 5 million HF patients in the U.S.

Potential Human & Financial Benefits of VeriCor® Monitor-Guided HF Treatment in U.S.

By maintaining LVEDP levels in the normal/near-normal range (<20mmHg), the VeriCor® monitor could prevent 700,000 hospitalizations and 150,000 HF deaths while saving $16 to $18 billion in financial resources that would otherwise be consumed by ineffective HF care.

Impact of the Vericor® monitor on individual states.

HF deaths will be reduced by >1,000/year in 39 states, HF hospitalizations will be reduced by >5,000 in 34 states and care costs will be reduced by $100 millon/year in 38 states.


(1) Causes & Control of Heart Failure (HF)
Elevated heart pressures (LVEDPs) cause HF deaths & high care costs. Treatment reduces elevated LVEDPs, HF deaths & care costs.

(2) Breakthrough Monitor Shows HF Care Is Ineffective
VeriCor® monitor proves current approach to HF Care leads to most HF deaths and costs.

(3) Cardiologists Favor VeriCor® for HF Care
Majority of cardiologists surveyed favor VeriCor® for HF care.

(4) VeriCor® Could Control HF in U.S.
Many HF patients are at increased risk of death & hospitalization in 1 year. VeriCor® reduces these risks.

(5) Controlling HF in Connecticut
VeriCor® could prevent 3,134 HF deaths,
9,519 hospitalizations and save $133 million a year.

(6) Controlling HF in Massachusetts
VeriCor® could prevent 14,222 hospitalizations and save $307 million a year.

(7) Controlling HF State-By-State
VeriCor® could prevent > 4,800 deaths in 12 states and save > $300 million in 19 states.

(8) Revenues from All Monitoring Venues
CVP revenues from all monitoring venues could reach $87 billion a year.

(9) Revenues from Home Monitoring
CVP revenues from home monitoring alone could reach $30 billion a year.

(10) VeriCor® Poised to Control HF
VeriCor® could prevent as many as 15,000 deaths and save up to $1 billion a year in US.

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